Impossible Walls - my first full length album, available now through Inner Ocean Records:
"Constructed using loops sampled both from his own work and that of others, Fontaine’s ‘Impossible Walls’ is a journey from imaginary shorelines to ocean floors, taking the listener deep into a world of claustrophobic yet blissfully serene ambience which operates as a metaphor both for the fathomless depths of the ocean and for the unknowable chasms of the human mind.  Features sublime remixes by Valiska and Window Magic”
Something free for your ears.
Weirdo Haze
Artwork by Kevin Dooley:
Pink Morning, recorded on the evening on December 5th 2012 in Bristol. Artwork by Rosa Menkman. Free download.
Delighted to be a part of Twice Removed’s ‘One’ compilation. It’s available for download from the label’s Bandcamp at a price of your choosing.
'Delays' is a five track release out now on Perth-based microlabel Twice Removed Records.
Pick it up from Twice Removed’s Bandcamp shop and you’ll get remixes by Bengalfuel, Ben Moon, hecanjog, Lcoma and Sun in with your download.
Art work is by Chris Davenport (
I’m absolutely delighted to say that I’m on this!


SEQUENCE4 by Various by @futuresequence<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>SEQUENCE4 by Various</a>SEQUENCE 4 is the fourth instalment of the Sequence series. Continuing the series started almost a year ago, SEQUENCE 4 showcases some of the finest artists from around the world, working in the genres of ambient, drone, minimal, electronic and modern classical. The compilation remains free and is curated from just over 130 artist submissions and like it’s predecessors, weighs in at 42 tracks.Release artwork is available as framed print, stretched canvas or mobile phone case here: 27 June 2012 Curated by Ed Hamilton and Michael WaringFREE DOWNLOAD:
Killer sounds from Venn Rain & Bill Doob.

download venn rain side of ‘sky watchers’ split with bill doob (c40, inspired school of astral music, 2012), for free!
New music as Fontaine. Enjoy.